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Would you rather sacrifice good taste, pure ingredients or authenticity for your peace of mind? With MMELLOW you don’t need to make any compromises with your conscience. Our aim to be sustainable in our operations often goes beyond the stringent EU and US standards for Organic agriculture and food processing that we adhere to.


Trying to imagine where our MMELLOW collaborators work? Just think of farms and pastures in the greenest areas. We make sure that collecting, processing and delivering our products to you is carbon-efficient and considerate to the environment. So, in the end we bring good vibes to your table.


We team up with our suppliers and distributors in order to reduce waste and to maximize the use of recyclable materials. This way not only our product range, but our entire production process is wholesome. Content – good. Packaging – also good.


There’s no clean milk nor cheese without clean water. We follow the strictest EU norms to make sure that our water filtration methods and use of cleaning materials are both good for the environment and safe for our cheese. So sit back, relax and go with our flow.


Yes, we know our products are hot! Well, only metaphorically speaking. We invest in energy efficiency in milk processing and cheese storage, so that our cheese factory can work with fully renewable sources in the near future. That sounds even hotter, right?


We love our people as much as we love our animals. Sounds cheesy but it’s true. That’s why our network of partners includes generations of families, tens of small businesses and farms. We’ve been working side by side for years, bound by a cause far stronger than any contract we sign.


We treat our animals, or should we say our MMELLOW fellows, the way we treat our closest family members. We give them the best nutrition and care, freedom of movement and socializing opportunities. There’s no room for industrial farming and we’ll keep it that way. Only graze on greatness!